Friday, August 12, 2011

UFO Thoughts

Have you ever forgotten your own language? I did once while watching the news and everything sounded ridiculous.

The next time you're holding a pencil, take a long look at the eraser. Do you think a whole alternate universe could reside in there, being rubbed away every time you make a mistake on paper?

I lost my socks. Remember, the scones will be ready at 7:00 AM sharp.

Whenever you want your house to smell like Sears, just turn on the vacuum cleaner.

Fun Fact: Invisible koala bears usually breathe fire.

Aliens kept peering in my windows last night. They had bean-shaped heads and looked like they were talking...but no words ever came out.

Wig salesmen congregate around large aqueducts. It's best to take them out with a sniper rifle before they morph into dragons.

Don't stare at invertebrates. Also, they prefer to be called "backbone impaired".