Friday, January 20, 2017

Hair-ku: The Zen Of Balding 3

Time for more haiku:
The Zen Of Balding - part 3!
Listen up, chrome domes!

This is the third video in my "The Zen Of Balding" series, featuring narrated haiku poems about the follicly-challenged.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

UFO Thoughts: Hardcover Version

UFO Thoughts is now available in hardcover format for $24.99 (and also paperback for $11.99, of course). Check it out here.

Friday, January 13, 2017

FryDay The 13th: Scariest Fast Food Restaurants

FryDay the 13th:
thinking about french fries and
hockey-masked killers.

Here's my Top 5 list for Scariest Fast Food Restaurants:

1. KFC: They always get my order wrong; I think the employees are zombies.
2. Hardee's: Extremely slow, always understaffed.
3. Bojangles': Phantom menu items / overall just deserted and spooky.
4. Krystal: If you can find one it's probably filthy inside.
5. Dairy Queen: Undead franchise. How are they still alive?

Sunday, January 8, 2017

UFO Thoughts: This Planet Is A Salad

This planet is a salad best devoured!

And so, I screamed into the night, "Distilled meatloaf!"

...the day when the nagging pots arrive.

The moon has a bath toy, this time I'm sure of it!

Give this mom a cookie-dookie!

...the drugs were yellow.

A lampshade discount, but only for us travelers.

Did someone order this mannequin head? I tell ya, it just hasn't been my day.

A flying nose for certain, and the tentacles are often there too.

I'd say thank you for your fingertips!

Glad stars, I'll have you know! I witness them fading...slowly.

Wrong pen! Particles of freedom...but not here.

...dragon eel has spikes on it. Rooster time!

Anything's a wedding.

You are now a liquid; say goodbye to buffalos!

Just so you know, your football utensils will be confiscated.