Friday, March 18, 2016

UFO Thoughts: Furniture Kid & The Endless Boogie

She can turn the groceries into a time bomb. For real?

The mall changes, and when it does...I feel like...another dimension.

For 10 weeks, the kid was a piece of furniture.

Do you ever use hand soap? Good luck!

If I have to hear that song "Programmed To Boogie" one more time, I swear I'm gonna shoot that damn robot.

Ah, to be a soda can filled with intrigue! Those were the days.

There was a bird trapped in the vending machine. I tried to let it out through the bottom door, but it turned into a snake. Later I realized it was really a bag of Fritos with a mole inside.

Houston, we have french fries.

New York has become smaller than me.

...smells like a dead sandwich.

25 years ago, I lost a purple sticky hand at the skating rink. You know, one of those toys you can win with tickets? Some days I look up at the sky and wonder what became of it.

Oh well, we could use the chicken pot pies anyway.

The paint cans were coming up the stairs. I was terrified because I knew there were bowling balls inside; I could tell they had human eyes in the finger sockets. pyramid with an orb. Is that right?

Some kind of flightless bird, flightless bird, flightless bird...

The funniest thing I ever did was hang that painting.

It's hard to be a physical thermos!

Eggface. Isn't that a shame?