Monday, September 26, 2016

UFO Thoughts: Baballoon

I'd like to buy a balloon shaped like a baboon. I'd call it a "baballoon", then I'd pop it with my stinger tail.

We are left by business...which changes our ability.

You don't know what an axe hand is, do you?

Comfort food goes out the other end...

Mercury, you're terrible.

Well, I've only had 3 months in the kitchen...

I was a cloud once! So tell me about it.

...stranded on Mars with the wrong salmon.

The teapot has duck feet! I repeat, the teapot has duck feet!

...just like a sack of potatoes. What?!

She's not your food anymore... she moved to Iowa. They're also grilling, clearly.

The future echoes of NOTHING!

Grab a handful and meet me at Deuter.

I wish you goodbye, there's no way to go back back. way to get to 40 tonight. Go, Zeet Philips!

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Hey, do you partake?
Then you might find these zen poems
relatable, man!
It's haiku about being high. That's pretty much it, dude. Now where did I leave my Funions?