Thursday, October 9, 2014

UFO Thoughts 7: Ham Legs

No, ham legs. No movement!

The scan lines were laughing, mocking me with discontent!

Aliens stole my dentures, they do it all the time.

I heard a banjo playing in my office the other day. It was coming from the trash can, but nothing was inside.

Tiny hat, tiny hat! Give yourself some applause!

I've grown accustomed to being a lute. Are you free Saturday night?

Youth!!! Sit down.

Never poke a pigsly…they're full of tickets, and not the good kind.

There's a lot of beverage, especially in the living room.

Watch out, a sneak face is behind you!

The shape of people's differences…is what they must overcome.

Problem is, the police have been offered the real thing. I go without.