Monday, April 13, 2015

Dead Mule Brownies!

From the culinary geniuses that brought you Horse Biscuits and Maggot Muffins comes an all new tantalizing treat–Dead Mule Brownies™! Our signature Dead Mule Brownie Mix is made using mule chunks aged in the Arizona sun…then we grind it up with maggots and fudge! Mule love 'em!

Dead Mule Brownies are a fun and easy family snack! Just add sour milk, mix it up, and throw them in the oven for 20 minutes at 400º or something. The Burnsvery Bread Boy loves 'em, therefore they must be good! Then again, he's a human/bread hybrid (hybread?) that escaped from a government facility, so who knows what his nutritional needs would be?

LEGAL CRAP: Dead Mule Brownies are not intended for human, animal, or plant consumption. Dead Mule Brownie Mix is not to be confused with Dead Mule Horse & Donkey Repellent (even though it's equally delicious). Brownie packets are not for individual resale. If you try to resell them, we'll have the Burnsvery Bread Boy bite your fingers off. Dead Mule Brownie Mix may not be available in Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, and the Dominican Republic.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Peter Rottentail

Here comes Peter Rottentail, leaving a bloody organ trail. Slippity sloppity, slippity sloppity...he's hungry for your brains!