Tuesday, June 10, 2014

UFO Thoughts 4: The War On Salad

 "Dragon Dragon" is a new flavor of pudding that tastes like crocodile.

The war on salad never ends.

Exploding toasters have become a nuisance in Ireland. The first amendment says otherwise.

Bored yet? But we still have to find my rabbit, Pesco.

Limited monkey process the northern gate! Every October 17th, I like to use my neighbor's harmonica as a doorstop.

The eyeball has you. Don't forget to wipe your shoes!

Razors are sold in six packs because they're afraid someone might swallow them.

Ok, moving on to the next capri. Jerks.

Steadfast, men…this isn't going to be a normal breakfast!

Here we go again with the candlesticks. Is there any reprise?!

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