Sunday, August 10, 2014

UFO Thoughts 5: Atomic Beagle Hat

You should be proud of your jeans, they bring you eternity!

Atomic Beagle Hat. I am original pliers, so let the cargo free.

…goggles on a roller coaster seat.

Ketchup is a responsibility--the most basic of needs.

How do you like your vision of cashmere?

Inquisitive primate, quit beating your own head. It's not my fault you have a parasite!

I'm at odds with a lot of things that a frog might do.

Madison just got a $12,000 nose job; I'll meet you at crazy in a few years.

…rock oven. Next time, eviscerate the latent camera. 

Mad ultrasonic, but the eggs were crispy.

Don't fillet the gorgon, you might end up with a kid's firetruck.

A pocket full of cloves makes the brain go numb.

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