Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ham:cube - Gutting Room Floor

That's right, the boys are back! Hot on the rump of their debut albumen, Nice To Meat You, comes a very special EP chop full of remixes and oddities from the last recording session. Just as a slaughterhouse would grind up pig noses for cat food, [ham:cube] has compiled their leftovers into a Frankenstein elecktro masterpiece! As a lavish digi-pack, it'll only be available in 666 units as physical copy...and then as digital downloaden exclusively on the internet fanshop!

Full Track Listing:

01. Oink Oink, Motherfuckers!
02. Turkey Bacon Makes The Rage In Me Rise
03. Leftover Hotdogs feat. Byproduct Brigade
04. Fappy Meal (The McDonald's Drive-Thru Girl Was Hot)
05. Ketchup Bottle Farts (Instrumental)
06. Sausage Neck (Back From Boot Camp mix by Funky Vote)
07. Porkin' Mindy (Sloppy Seconds mix by Chubby Chas-R)
08. Rotisserie Piglets
09. The Little Hairs On It (Toothpick mix by Dakota Feedbag)
10. Attempted Hamicide (Demo 2014)
11. I Gave Your Mommy My Pastrami
12. Ingredients Of Spam (Never List 'Em All mix by KFMDN)

----- Attention [ham:cube] fans and all goth weirdos -----

Necropolis Records presents: A Night Of Evil at The Torture Rack on July 16, 2016 from 7:00 PM until 3:00 AM. All ages permitted as long as you have a good fake ID.

With live elektro music by: [ham:cube], Dakota Feedbag, Funky Vote, A Popped Zit Gone Berzerk, and DMV Nation. There'll also be a performance by Groochie, the S&M M&M (don't ask). Prepare your soul for a night of fire breathing, tattooed cyber sluts, people dressed like Batman or something, confused furries with glowing paws, plastic wrap butt-whipping and other goth nonsense.

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