Friday, June 10, 2016

War Of The Giant Space Heads

Once upon a summer eve,
I saw faces in the sky.
They zoomed about at blinding speed,
and I've no idea why.

It looked like they were fighting;
I saw a few collide.
When the pieces started falling,
there was nowhere to hide.

Raining chunks of massive flesh
hit every building and street.
Cars were swerving everywhere
trying to avoid the meat.

The battle continued up above,
until finally it stopped.
The entire world was left in shock
when the last eyeball dropped.

As the clean-up effort began,
we pondered of the attack:
"What were those giant things,
and will they ever come back?"

Some people cooked the meat
and praised it for its taste.
"It's kind of fishy." they said.
Well, at least it didn't go to waste.

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