Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Day After Halloween

Happy Halloween! 
Even though it was yesterday, 
somehow I felt compelled 
to post this anyway. 

It's that time of year again,
when every boy and girl
dress up as ghosts and goblins
and eat candy 'til they hurl.

Now that it's all over
and the pumpkins are turning to mush,
you might as well get ready
for the holiday rush.

Forget about Thanksgiving
and that canned, cranberry slime.
The stores are having sales–hooray!
It's almost Christmas time!

But don't fret, my freaky friends...
no need to stress or fear,
there's only 364 days
'til Halloween next year!


  1. Hallowweens r not happy 4 me. I lost my hat once at Arby's hows that 4 ironic.

  2. I like Halloween because its the time of year that I stop mowing lawns. Seriously my skin is like burnt raisin since the sun and stuff.