Friday, June 2, 2017



I found some special tea,
it came from a shady place.
The guy I got it from was green–
maybe from outer space.

So when I took it home,
I brewed it in the pot...
it gave off a funky smell
and started to smoke a lot.

After I let it cool,
I bravely had a taste.
It was good, I drank it all–
gulped it down with haste.

But now I'm feeling weird,
I think I drank too much.
I'm seeing peculiar things...
checkered patterns and such.

Everything is purple,
the walls are turning wavy.
Flying snakes appear,
my legs–they feel like gravy!

The ceiling's caving in,
chairs are walking around.
I feel like I'm gonna fall,
but which way is the ground?

I think I'll stay in tonight–
I shouldn't be on the road.
So I'll just chill on the couch
and talk to this 3-eyed toad.

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