Friday, March 6, 2015

UFO Thoughts 9: Gorilla Heads To Muffins

Gorilla heads. Gorilla heads soaring through the air and when they collide they turn into muffins.

…legs of the daughter. Wow!

We're going to have a storm tonight.

A screaming baby surrounded by Cheetos–that's what Walmart reminds me of.

French doors…

Turn a house into mustard? Useless magic.

Just ignore it, everyone's a gun laugh.

Now that's how to make bacon! Put the taste away!

I'd really like a tall, happy, snakey little thing.

Head rush, so let's all be neglectful.

I stopped by, but the toilet wasn't on your porch anymore.

Dinosaurs floating in space? Now that's an album cover!

Our west is the edge; don't think twice about it!

Are you kidding me?! Be back by 10:00.

Hello, it's cactus time.

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