Friday, May 15, 2015

Wendy's Quantum Nugget Theory

Fun Fact: Did you know Wendy's chicken nuggets shrivel after being under a heat lamp for a few hours? Instead of just becoming stale and hard (like most fast food nuggets), the Wendy's chicken nugget has been known to actually shrink; they also taste more like turkey over time. Scientists are baffled.

So why do Wendy's chicken nuggets shrink and taste like turkey? A study performed by physicist and ex-restaurater Henry Rouster may have the explanation: He writes,"It appears that Wendy's chicken nuggets do indeed shrink over time, and after microscopic analysis, there's a clue as to why. Wendy's nuggets possess what we call Quantum Poultry Particles that pass them through space-time when exposed to a low, steady heat source (like that of a heat lamp). Essentially, this accelerates their aging process. To put it simply, Wendy's nuggets are time travelers. However, we don't yet know why they taste like turkey. Further examination is needed."

In 2013 the FDA contacted Pilgrim's Pride, the supplier of Wendy's chicken nuggets, to see what they had to say on the matter. They declined to comment about their nuggets' anomalous properties, but assured the public that they're safe for human consumption.

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