Monday, August 17, 2015

Zombie Zen: Haiku Of The Dead

Everyone is dead,
but now they're moving somehow
and screaming for brains.

Damn, it's happening…
the zombie apocalypse!
Break out that shotgun!

There's only one way
to kill the undead for good:
shoot them in the head!

Boarded up windows
of my living room have some
gross hands prying in.

Most zombies are slow,
but some of them are runners–
don't let your guard down.

If you get bitten
by a zombie, it's over…
have a friend shoot you.

Overgrown graveyard:
trying not to step where the
hands are bursting up.

Zombies smell awful.
Their odor carries for miles.
That's your first warning.

As he crawls along,
the cut-in-half zombie leaves
a trail of organs.

Explosives are fun,
but don't get carried away...
grenades make crawlers.

Bite marks on my arm.
Before the first light of dawn
I too, will crave brains.

Plants Vs. Zombies:
not plausible in real life.
It's a fun game, though.

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