Monday, November 23, 2015

Haiku For Slugs is now available!

My second book, Haiku For Slugs, is now available at for $9.99!

What do slugs, roadkill, zombies, and fast food have in common? They're all great topics for haiku, of course! Haiku For Slugs takes the fine art of Japanese poetry and pours a bucket of slime all over it! Even Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster have nowhere to hide from the 17 syllable madness! Meditate on these twisted topics and more with Haiku For Slugs!

Full Section Listing:

Don't Step On That Slug
Something Smells Fishy
Meditations On Roadkill
Deformities Among Us
The Aliens Are Coming
Searching For Sasquatch
What Lurks In The Loch
Zombie Zen Poetry
The Sound Of French Fries
Hair-ku: The Zen Of Balding

NOTE: This book contains material that may not be suitable for children…such as occasional profanity, violence, and mature themes.

Check it out from this link:

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