Sunday, August 21, 2016

Facets Of Club Sandwich

What does "club sandwich" mean? Let us ponder. There are many facets of club sandwich: There's the traditional club sandwich itself (who knows why they call it that), but then a dancing sandwich in a night club is also a "club sandwich."

If you were to whop someone on the head with a stale sandwich, you're using a sandwich as a club–thus creating another facet of club sandwich (or it could be an actual club fashioned to look like a sandwich). Or you could club a sandwich flat with a club, making it a "clubbed sandwich." You could also club that sandwich with your sandwich club for even more pun fun!

Perhaps somewhere there's a group of witches that get together and think of different sandwiches to make. That would be a sandwich club for witches, which would probably be named "Club Sandwitch."

The possibilities are endless!

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