Wednesday, August 3, 2016

You Might Be A Splorbo If...

Zeff Voxwordy is the most famous comedian in this galactic quadrant! He's written numerous holo-tomes, performed in both high and low gravity, and hosted "Are You More Cerebral Than A Zrith Gourder?" He now presents his newest comedy routine, "You Might Be A Splorbo If..." and it has the known universe in stitches. Are you a Splorbo? It's time to find out!
You might be a Splorbo if...
1. You lose control of your nexxle gland and attack your friends.
2. Your blorch collapses and kills more than one litter of skreps.
3. The liquid methane punch is over-belked but you can metabolize it.
4. Your idea of a good dimensional warp is obtaining Screedon gear!
5. There's a poorly-maintained Drek Zarbler on your vacation moon.
6. You dye your lawn blue once a week...even if you have a pet xrookle.
7. When you were a larva you had your birthday parties at Bleebleks.
8. You think "spending creb" means glechifying and nepping a spreg!
9. You zorg bladders fill up but you can't rise to the Mekosphere.
10. Your species has 3 sexes and you never receive a Flobbergatter!
Here's what the critics have to say about Zeff's new act:
"It had me slapping all 6 of my knees" - The Arachnidragon, supreme ruler of Ordan
"So funny that I deflated 4 of my air bladders and fell into the lower atmosphere!" - Jiloridar Bleeip, leader of the Mexar Plion Cult
"I blew sulfuric acid out of every head orifice!" - Hegle A. Dremilin, housemite of Kruge Stelblan

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