Friday, June 12, 2015

Fryday Haiku

Burger and french fries…
an American classic.
Greasy to the max!

At drive-thru speaker
but no one is answering:
dumbass teenagers.

Hardee's employees
aren't trained to enter coupons–
don't even bother.

Burger King french fries
taste vaguely like motor oil…
yet I still eat them.

Pretzel crust pizza
with a cheddar cheese sauce:
the thought makes me gag.

I keep telling them
extra fries instead of slaw–
and still they forget.

Zaxby's does it right.
Excellent food and service...
uh, most of the time.

Breakfast at Arby's.
Found a roach in my hashbrown.
I smell a lawsuit!

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