Friday, April 1, 2016

Fryday Haiku: The Transience Of Chicken Fries

Guess what's back again?
Burger King chicken fries, yay!
They'll be gone next week.

Black hamburger buns:
not burnt, dyed for Halloween.
Slightly disturbing.

Pumpkin Spice Waffle™
here for a limited time!
I don't give a shit.

Popeyes is greasy–
somehow even their biscuits
taste like lard sponges.

Attention foodies,
Burger King has hot dogs now!
Like anyone cares.

At Hardee's drive-thru:
had to wait thirty minutes
with two cars in line.

Waffle House breakfast:
something's floating in my Coke.
Cigarette ashes?

There once was a time
when Wendy's had chicken strips.
Only nuggets remain.

So you're telling me
there's no Ribwich anymore?
Curse you, McDonalds!

Burger King nuggets:
ten for a dollar fifty!
You can taste the cheap.

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