Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spooky Fingers

Spooky fingers, under my door.
Spooky fingers, feeling the floor.
Spooky fingers, at 3AM.
Spooky fingers, oh how I hate them!

They reach under my door
accompanied by a fog
and start feeling under there,
gray and webbed like a frog.

They poke around for a while,
and sometimes there's a growling.
Then at some point it looks under
with big eyes, black and scowling.

By 5AM they disappear
(it might be afraid of the sun).
I dusted once for fingerprints
but couldn't find even one.

Tomorrow will be different.
Oh, you can count on that!
I'll be waiting with a hammer
to smash those digits flat!

So I waited up that night...
and sure enough, they came back.
When those fingers started pattin',
I gave them a solid whack!

It let out a deafening roar
and my ears began to ring.
The fog got stronger, and after that
I don't remember a thing.

I woke up in the morning
tucked safely into my bed.
It's like nothing happened at all...
except for this scar on my head.

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