Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waffle House Wisdom: Part 2

Return for more training, have you? Remember these ways of the Waffle House, youngling...and ready to order from the adult menu, you will be.

"The Waffle House is everywhere. In the corners, in the shopping centers, off the highway but a mile and find one you will."

"Judge bacon by it's size, do you? Shrivel it does, during cooking."

"Chicken strips? French fries? A Waffle House customer cares not for these things, for they are the path to Huddle House."

"Covered in crumbs, the tables are. Wipe them yourself, you must...unless swatting flies you like."

"May the forks be with you. Clean forks we are hoping for, yes?"

"Tainted are Waffle House bathrooms. If #2 you must go, a butt cover on the toilet seat create."

"Diminished our ability to smoke has become. Even the older, fatter Waffle House employees must now go outside to light up."

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