Friday, September 11, 2015

Pizza Haiku!

Every friday I
get Little Caesar's pizza–
you can't beat five bucks!

I like Pizza Hut,
but I certainly could do
with less orange grease.

Bland and uninspired:
Domino's pizza tastes like
the box it comes in.

Chuck E Cheese doesn't
have arcade games anymore–
just gambling for kids.

Papa John's is great!
Better ingredients does
make better pizza!

Super-salty crust:
it's not the Noid's fault this time.
For shame, Domino's!

Papa John's hand-tossed
comes with a shriveled pepper.
What is it there for?

Constant smell of barf
at Cici's Pizza buffet...
and the floor squishes.

Earth to Domino's:
loading your crust with spices
doesn't make it new.

Hot dogs and pizza
aren't meant to go together–
stop it, Pizza Hut!

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